Fantastic Four's Miles Teller Open To Superhero

Fantastic Four's Miles Teller Open To Superhero

Fantastic Four's Miles Teller Open To Superhero

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Fantastic Four star Miles Teller says he is open to a superhero genre return, believing they've come a long way since his critically panned movie. Teller starred in Fox's 2015 film franchise reboot as Reed Richards, a brilliant young scientist exploring the concept of alternate universes with his childhood friend Ben Grimm. When their experiment with scientist Susan Storm, engineer Johnny Storm and computer technician Victor Von Doom goes awry, Reed and the group are granted various superhuman abilities, including his power to stretch his body into a variety of forms and lengths, becoming the hero known as Mister Fantastic.

Alongside Teller, the cast for 2015's Fantastic Four included Michael B. Jordan as Johnny, Kate Mara as Susan, Jamie Bell as Ben, Toby Kebbell as Doom, Reg E. Cathey as Dr. Franklin Storm and Tim Blake Nelson as Dr. Harvey Allen. Helmed by Josh Trank on a script he co-wrote with Jeremy Slater and Simon Kinberg, the Fox reboot was a critical and commercial disaster upon release, only grossing $168 million against its $155 million production budget and scoring negative reviews for its tone, lackluster CGI and poor script. With the rights back home at Marvel Studios, a new Fantastic Four film is currently in the works, though recently lost Jon Watts as its director. Top Gun: Maverick, Miles Teller caught up with to reflect on his superhero genre past. Despite the poor reception to 2015's Fantastic Four, Teller confirmed he is still interested in trying his hand at the genre again, believing it has come a long way since the critically panned Fox reboot.

Teller's belief that the superhero genre has only just started coming into its own may prove a bit questionable amongst audiences given the critical acclaim the Marvel Cinematic Universe has enjoyed across nearly all of its 28 films beginning with 2008's Iron Man. Fox's Fantastic Four reboot came at the time in which Disney's comic book franchise was considered by many to be at one of its greatest heights, having delivered a string of hits including Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy. Unfortunately for the film, it also came shortly after Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy came to a close and led many studios to believe dark and gritty superhero movies were what audiences wanted, resulting in the critical stumbles of the early DC Extended Universe. A number of creatives behind 2015's Fantastic Four reboot have spoken out about their frustrations with the film, including co-writer Jeremy Slater, who blamed director Josh Trank for tonal disagreements, and star Jamie Bell, who recently expressed his belief the film doesn't deserve a second look. While Teller's involvement in the film may put off some audiences from giving him a second chance in the superhero genre, he wouldn't be the first to redeem themselves in another attempt, with co-star Michael B. Jordan notably receiving acclaim as Killmonger in the MCU's Black Panther and Chris Evans also going from the poorly received Fantastic Four movies of the '00s to his beloved Captain America tenure. With Teller back on the rise thanks to both Top Gun: Maverick and The Offer, only time will tell if he gets another shot at a superhero character in the future.

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