Garbage Shredder Machine

Garbage Shredder Machine

Garbage Shredder Machine

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A- Garbage Shredder Machine

There are many types of Garbage Shredder Machine, such as hammer shredder, gear shredder, shaft shredder, and so on. The most popular type is the shaft shredder, which operates under pressure due to grinding shafts rotating reverse to each other, making materials broken into practices with requirement sizes. Shredders are manufactured and produced by Vietnam Rotec Co. Ltd’s engineers.

Struture and Operation Principle of Garbage Shredder Machine

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[*]Shredder knives

Shaft shredder’ knives are manufactured from alloy steel 50-66HRC with high rigidity, good wear resistance, and longevity. In particular, steel SKD-11 (alloy steel from Japan for special use of cutting knives for large special-purpose cutting steel), steel 65G (leaf spring steel), and so on.

Vietnam Rotec Co. Ltd chooses shredder knives kit suitable depending on materials and size need to be ground. We calculate in accordance with the number of blades in one cutter, sharp edge lines, and cutting length for each type of shredding material.

Instead of mounting chipper blades on shafts by bars in the traditional method, Vietnam Rotec Co. Ltd uses cutting blades with quadrilateral or hexagons. These cutting blades have mounting holes mounted on profiles with equivalent quadrilateral (hexagon) contours to increase the torsion resistance of chipper blades and shafts.

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b, Material grader ploughshare

Shredder material grader ploughshares are manufactured from alloy steel with high rigidity and good wear resistance.

Grader ploughshares prevent shredder material from accumulating between shredding blades or wounding around shredding shafts to avoid the occurrence of stocking in the cutting chamber and enhance shredding performance..

Vietnam Rotec installs grader ploughshares on the cutting chamber’s partition of the shredder machine, connecting by sturdy bolts, ensuring that grader ploughshares would not shove and stimulate shredder knives in the operating process.

Vietnam Rotec has innovated the combination between grader ploughshares and a silver knife which places in a gap between two blades; the two are united into one component to optimize production cost and reduce maximum jams in the cutting chamber, further improving work efficiency.

c) Flexible shredding shaft of garbage shredder machine

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The shredder shaft is made from alloy steel with high hardness, suitable for the size of the chamber material and the shredded product.

The shredding shaft is calculated and designed according to the maximum bending and torque to shred the material. Therefore, the shaft has an extensive bending and torsion capacity for processing each type of material.

Vietnam Rotec has improved the mounting position of the shredding blades to a quadrangle, hexagonal shape, etc., to fit the choppers and eliminate the traditional method of using a torque drive key to eliminate the singularities caused by latches. At the same time, it can transmit a very large torque that the keying method on the shaft cannot meet.

d) Shredding shafts synchromesh transmission

Shredding shafts synchromesh transmission is a spur gear transmission. The transmission is designed to gear external contact conditions, requiring gear modulus with large gear width. The transmission material is made from alloy steel with a hardness of 56-66HRC. Therefore, it has a large load capacity, wear resistance, and longevity. The gears are designed the same (module and number of teeth) to ensure the synchromesh between the axes, helping the blades in the chopping process to knit evenly.

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e) Torque transmission drive belt

  • Vietnam Rotec designed the torque transmission drive belt that drives the torque from the motor shaft side to the gearbox according to the maximum torque and the appropriate gear ratio.

  • The belt type is selected according to the specified power range. Usually, B and C belts have a number of belts from 2-6.

  • The advantage of a belt drive is that it can transmit torque with parallel drive shafts. It can slip the belt to protect the motor when an overload occurs. Belt transmission is easy to replace during maintenance and repair

f) Material hopper and shredder viewing port

Vietnam Rotec’s material hopper is made of SS400 steel, solid structure, tight and safe. The hopper size is designed following the customer’s requirements to ensure productivity and the original material hash size.

The hopper is designed with the aim that shredding material is always evenly spread over the chamber’s surface and falls into the position of the chopping blades. This design helps the product to be hashed more evenly and continuously, with better shredding performance.

The viewing port mounted on the material hopper helps observe the shredding during the process. At the same time, help workers remove dangerous objects that have fallen into the machine before operating to minimize the risks during operation.

g) Control cabinet of shredder

The shredder’s control cabinet automatically reverses the rotation of the shredding shafts to avoid jamming, overloading and reorienting the shredding material. The Vietnam Rotec shredder control cabinet is designed to:

  • Made from Japanese and Korean electronic components to ensure quality and safety.

  • Multi-level safety design to ensure stable machine operation, maximum safety protection for motor, reducer, chopper, etc.

  • Siren alarm when trouble occurs and stops the machine

Preeminent features of garbage shredder machine

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All Vietnam Rotec shredders feature built-in controls. This feature allows the machines to reverse the rotation of the shredder shafts automatically. At the same time, it helps to avoid material jams, prevent overload, reorient the material and increase the machine’s shredding capacity.

Suppose the shredder machine cannot shred the material because the number of rotational reversals exceeds the preset limit. Then the machine will automatically stop, and the siren alarm will signal to stop the machine.

Advantages of garbage shredder machine

The Double Shaft Shredder has some of the following advantages:

  • The machine is suitable for shredding waste materials in the industry, daily life, etc.

  • The machine achieves the highest working efficiency in all types of shredders.

  • The machine consumes low power, and 95% of electrical energy is used for cutting.

  • The machine works quietly without making a loud noise like hammer shredders or cone shredders.

  • The machine works automatically and continuously, so it is suitable for continuous lines.

  • The knives are made of alloy with excellent hardness and durability, so it has high wear resistance.

  • The machine integrates an automatic dust collection and filtering system, so no dust is generated into the environment.

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