Liberty Volleyball Featured The Perfect Mix Of Players To Complete A Perfect Season

Liberty Volleyball Featured The Perfect Mix Of Players To Complete A Perfect Season

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This year, the Svoboda volleyball team had almost everything. There are dominant attackers, a clever passer who rules the roost, powerful blockers and nimble defenders.

The perfect mix.

The Lions haven't been perfect all season and even Thursday night in the state championship game, but they've been perfect.

The Liberties ended the season with a 20–0 win over Middletown 3–1 in the Class 2A State Championship Game.

“It's unrealistic. It's especially incredible that my senior season ended like this," Sarah Hart said. Incredible."

"It's amazing how much the team and the program have grown in the four years we've been here," added senior Paige Coulson. "We've worked so hard and grown so much as a team that it's really rewarding."

The team had been preparing for about a year, when everything fell into place. The right people came together in the right place at the right time and created the magic.

Players and coaches are not ashamed to say that they expected great success from this team. They knew their potential from the start of pre-season. They just had to do it.

"We've definitely worked hard this season," said young setter Grace Marten. “We spend a lot of time training. We worked hard and really liked each other and I think that was a big factor in today's result."

The first set on Thursday was at the clinic. The attackers were unstoppable, the defense was solid and the Lions were clear in all areas. They were, well, perfect.

They won 25-13. But then came the reminder that their job was not done.

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Middletown controlled most of the second set, winning it 25-19. The Knights also trailed the Lions, who finished in third place. Leading 6-5, Middletown hoped to turn the game in their favor.

But Liberty got the perfect answer thanks to the dynamic duo of Hart and Coulson.

Hart equalized with a hit and then went to serve. This led to Colson increasing his kills to give the Liberty the next five points and the Lions to a five-point lead.

"Sarah and I have warm-up moments," Coulson said, "when every time we swing the ball, we know just where to throw it, we have such a good view of the court."

The fourth and final set was almost a double of the third. This time, Middletown led 13-10 before Liberty hitters Coulson, Hart and Jenna Liska took over.

By definition, the ideal team is not a one-dimensional team. A dynamic attack is complemented by a defense that has been tasked all year with preventing the ball from falling to the ground and launching an attack.

Hadley Rosbach, Erin Gossard and Delaney Gray join forwards Hart, Coulson and Liska as they return to form a tight team, beginning the offensive transition with assists to setter Marten.

“We work really hard on defense in training. I think that really helps a lot,” said Marten. They move their feet, they're just good players and they definitely help me as a passer.

Put it all together and you've got a state championship, you're 20-0, you're perfect.

"I'm incredibly proud of this team and everything they've done," said coach Sherry Hagen. "We worked hard every day in training, in every game, after every game, with each other, for each other, for ourselves, for our school. I love this game and I think that I can love these girls as much as they do I love the game."

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