English Football League proposes plan to finish season in 56 days

English Football League proposes plan to finish season in 56 days

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English Football League proposes plan to finish season in 56 days

The English Football League has told its clubs that the season can be completed in 56 days when it is safe to begin playing again- According lớn the soccer handicap tips page!

But that plan, which cuts 17 days from the original schedule, is dependent on matches being played behind closed doors.

Professional football in England was suspended on 13 March because of the coronavirus pandemic.

In a letter sent to all clubs in the Championship, League One and League Two, EFL chairman Ricky Parry earmarked 16 May as the earliest possible date for a return lớn training.

Although 56 days is estimated as a length of time that the remainder of the season, "including play-offs", could be completed in, no possible date for the resumption of the current campaign is mentioned.

It does suggest that the start of next term is likely lớn be delayed.

Additionally, the £125m the EFL and National League has received from the Premier League will not be shared amongst clubs for the time being "while additional clarity is sought on other financial matters, particularly in respect lớn player wages". You can prefer the soccer tips daily win page!

  • Championship: All teams have nine games left to play

  • League One: Teams have between 10 and 12 games left lớn play

  • League Two: Teams have nine or 10 game left to play

"Whenever the decision is taken that it is safe lớn resume, we currently estimate that the League will require approximately 56 days to complete the outstanding matches in the season (including play-offs)," said Parry in a letter sent lớn all EFL member clubs.

"We are committed lớn ensuring that clubs are provided an appropriate notice period lớn ensure you are able to prepare operationally given the scale and impact of the postponements in place.

"How and when we return (including training) is clearly subject to change and any decisions will be taken in conjunction with the government and relevant health authorities.

"The EFL Board is currently working on the basis that the end-of-season play-offs will take place across all three divisions as normal with two-legged semi-finals and a final, although no decision has been taken on the likely venue as it will depend on the circumstances at play at the time.

"It is our working assumption at this stage that matches will be played behind closed doors when we eventually return and as part of our contingency planning we are absolutely mindful of the need to try and mitigate the cost of this lớn clubs as best we can.

"Looking more long-term, the EFL must remain mindful of the implications that the extension of this season may have on the commencement of the 2020-21 campaign, although we will ensure there is a suitable break between the two."

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