Reviews About Tea burn

Reviews About Tea burn

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What ingredients are inside Tea Burn?

Each Tea Burn tea enhancing packet includes the following ingredients to further drive results:

Chlorogenic Acid (from Green Coffee Beans)

Chlorogenic acid (CGA) is a type of phenolic acid housing antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotector, hypolipidemic and hypoglycemic properties [1]. 

One preliminary clinical study looked at the effect of CGA-enriched coffee on glucose absorption among healthy people and long-term uses in overweight and obese people. 

After 12 weeks of consumption, the researchers reported a reduction in glucose absorption. 

Furthermore, they concluded that with extended time (and persistent reduction in glucose absorption), individuals may also see a reduction in body mass and body fat [2].

EGCG (from Green Tea)

Epigallocatechin gallate (ECGC) is a plant compound extracted significantly from green tea. 

Regarding weight loss effects, one source justifies the combination of CGA and EGCG in great detail. 

specifically, animal studies were referenced to showcase the remarkable effects of this duo on insulin, blood cholesterol, and triglycerides in the body. 

Furthermore, they are believed to lower leptin levels, leading to reduced weight and visceral fat (ie, the type stored in the abdomen and around organs). 

Tea Burn benefits include calorie burning, and activation of a healthy group of fat tissues called brown adipose tissues (BAT) [3].


Chromium is a trace element found in many of the foods we eat daily. 

In terms of its function, research suggests that it may play a vital role in metabolizing carbohydrates, fat, and protein by potentiating insulin action. 

As a supplement, existing studies have reported significant reduction in fasting serum glucose concentrations in people with type 2 diabetes. 

Due to this, some scientists propose that chromium might reduce glucose conversion into stored fat, while increasing protein synthesis. 

Additionally, preliminary studies have since hinted the possibilities of weight loss results, reduced body fat and lean body mass [4].


L-carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid that has been linked to weight loss and healthy brain function. 

At present, this amino acid is trusted to oversee mitochondrial function and energy production. 

Explicitly, fatty acids found within our cells can be transported to the mitochondria so that they can be burned. 

However, it is important to note that the human body is complex, and so far, both animal and human studies have resulted in mixed outcomes. 

The theory purportedly aligns, but results aren't always guaranteed [5].


The final known ingredient inside Tea Burn is L-theanine, an amino acid derived from green tea. 

A 2008 evaluated the effects of caffeine (50mg) without and with L-theanine (100mg) on ​​cognition and mood in healthy volunteers (who were split between a control and placebo group). 

By the end, the researchers discovered that caffeine improved subjective alertness at 60 minutes and accuracy on the attention-switching task at 90 minutes.

The combination of L-theanine and caffeine led to an improvement in both speed and accuracy, while reducing distractions at both time points [6]. 

As for its mechanism in restricting jitters, this amino acid is reckoned to increase serotonin and GABA, both of which are neurotransmitters with calming effects [7].

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