Berklee’s first ever concert film showcases

Berklee’s first ever concert film showcases

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Berklee College of Music is releasing its first-ever movie of one of its concerts, and it should be a real treat for Billie Eilish fans. On Sunday, the university debuted a movie of its sold-out December concert, “The Music of Billie Eilish,” on YouTube. The concert featured 50 Berklee students, ranging from vocalists to track producers to dancers, performing 23 Billie Eilish songs. “Unlike the typical Berklee show, this concert merged pre-recorded, virtual elements with live-on-stage performances and incorporated a aurally-synchronized LED screen backdrop, resulting in a highly coordinated and visually dynamic final product,” the college wrote in a news release.

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The college wrote in a press release that renowned dancer and choreographer Sunny Walters, creative director Bryan Barancik, and Justin Lubliner, the CEO of Darkroom Records and the person who discovered and signed Billie Eilish, all contributed to the performance.
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