AffiliFlash Review –| Is Scam? -33⚠️Warniing⚠️Don’t Buy Yet Without Seening This?

AffiliFlash Review –| Is Scam? -33⚠️Warniing⚠️Don’t Buy Yet Without Seening This?

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r/williamreviewoto - AffiliFlash Review - Will You Really Make Money? ⚠️SCAM Exposed⚠️


At first sight, affiliate marketing is simply a dream come true business: No own product creation, no storage of items, no shipping, no customer support, etc.

But in reality, there is a lot of hard work involved in the process. You need to create posts for all of your content, format each one, add affiliate links, get images, add images to each post, and figure out how to get traffic.

People start out with very high expectations and end up giving up because the money-making part of their affiliate business is just not lifting off. From my own mistakes and the learning curve of many other online entrepreneurs, I can tell that most reasons for failure in this business are caused by the wrong mindset or the lack of proper skills.

So how would you like to be able to instantly create a complete affiliate site with the available content with minimal time and effort? This new plugin called AffiliFlash will allow you to take any content you have sitting around and instantly turn it into DFY affiliate sites.

AffiliFlash is a fully-developed WordPress tool that builds monetized affiliate sites to gain maximum commissions and jumpstart your success for your offers.

AffiliFlash FE: AffiliFlash


AffiliFlash OTO 1: AffiliFlash Pro


AffiliFlash OTO 2: AffiliFlash Unlimited


AffiliFlash OTO 3: AffiliFlash Content


AffiliFlash OTO 4: AffiliFlash iMarketers Club


Here is the detailed breakdown of all the features that we ship with AffiliFlash to make it suitable for various cases!

  • Spinner of Content

Integration of spinning software that allows for the creation of unique automated content (3rd party paid tool).

  • Editor of Templates

Using the module’s supporting template tags, you can customize the appearance of auto-published posts.

  • Posting Types

These categories will be automatically added to newly published posts by the plugin.

  • **Tags in Posts**

These tags will be automatically added to freshly published posts by the plugin.

  • Following the Translation

On-the-fly translation of any article from any language to your chosen language.

  • Post Meta

Use post meta to make your theme and third-party plugins work together.

  • Replace with a search

To further control your demand, use search-replace in the auto-publish post.

  • Affiliation is done automatically.

Increase your affiliate commissions by automatically inserting your affiliate code.

  • Save every post detail

Title, excerpt, content, tags, categories, slug, date, custom meta, taxonomies, meta keywords, meta description, featured image, post images, status… Everything, in fact.

  • Posts are crawled (scraped, grabbed, and saved).

After you’ve setup the settings, the plugin looks for post URLs and scans them in the background.

  • Update (recrawl) posts

Recrawl automatically posts to keep them up to date at all times. You can define an update interval, limit the number of times a post can be changed, and disregard outdated posts.

  • Delete your posts.

You want to get rid of old crawling posts, right? They can be automatically deleted by the plugin.

  • Plan ahead of time

You can specify how many times the URL collecting and post crawling activities for a site should occur each time. You could, for example, store three articles every minute or execute URL collecting five times every two minutes.

  • Slugs should be saved (permalink)

The permalinks of the postings can be customized. Using short codes, you may acquire the permalink from the target site, add custom text, and even create slug templates.

  • Taxonomies should be saved.

Taxonomy values can be saved by retrieving them from the target site or manually inputting them. It’s now easier than ever to save the details of custom post kinds.

  • Create unique categories for your content.

Is it possible to create custom categories for a custom post type? It’s no problem. You can create custom category taxonomies for the custom post type and choose from them when setting the post’s categories. You can also have the plugin build custom categories for you.

  • Posts with a list format

Some websites create posts that include a list. You may extract the list from the article, make a template for each list item, and even reverse the list.

  • Types of posts

Choose a post type. It might be a post, a page, a product, or any other post type that your WordPress installation supports.

  • Links should be removed.

You have the option of removing links from the post. Simply choose the checkbox, and the links will be removed. It’s that simple.

  • Password security

You can make the posts password-protected so that only those with the password can see them.

  • At the same time, test all of a site’s settings.

Before activating automatic crawling, you may use the tester to test all of the options you defined in the site settings to ensure that everything works as expected.

  • Tools

You can store posts manually with their URLs, recrawl posts with their IDs, or erase URLs that have previously been saved using the tools.

  • Each site has its own set of general settings.

To override and make a post suitable for a site, you can give specific general parameters for each post.

  • Post status

You can either publish the saved posts right away or save them as drafts until you’re ready to publish them.

  • Save all of the photographs in the post’s content.

It’s as simple as ticking a single checkbox to save all of the images in the post’s content.

  • Crawl through as many posts as you’d like.

You can specify how many times CRON events should execute after crawling or URL gathering. You can, for example, store 100 posts every minute this way. Just be cautious and take into account your server’s capabilities.

  • Translation that is done automatically

To automatically translate the postings, use the artificial intelligence of Google Cloud Translation API, Microsoft Translator Text API, Yandex Translate API, or Amazon Translate API.

Please keep in mind that these are paid services. They usually give the service away for free for a limited time. To learn more, see their price pages.

  • Spinning on autopilot

To increase search engine optimization, use spinning to rewrite the contents of crawled posts automatically. The plugin currently uses the premium service Spin Rewriter API. To learn more about their pricing, go to their website.

  • Check for duplicate posts

Check for duplicate posts using the URL, title, and/or content.

  • Posts that have been scheduled

You can change the post date by adding or subtracting minutes. You can schedule post posting this way.

  • Save time by saving quickly.

You may save the settings much more faster with the rapid save option. There’s no need to refresh the page.

  • Expressions that are always the same

To find-replace anything, use regular expressions in the find-replace parameters. To match more exactly, you can use delimiters and modifiers.

  • Tool for manual crawling

Save several posts with the manual crawling feature by inputting their URLs. You may also provide category URLs for the tool to pull post URLs from. Furthermore, you may have it crawl numerous posts at once.

  • Your admin panel will provide you with updates.

When an update is available, you can update the plugin with a single click. Simply go to your admin panel’s updates page.

  • Make use of the most secure PHP available.

The plugin is compatible with the most recent PHP versions.

  • Make use of the most recent browsers.

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Edge are all supported by the plugin.

  • Interactive guides

Interactive instructions, similar to a live manual, explain you how to change settings to achieve certain goals step by step. These tutorials can be started whenever you desire. You can even start them at a specified point in the process.

  • Documentation is available online.

You can refer to the online documentation whenever you want.

  • Quick instructions are located next to the settings.

There is a quick guide for each setting in the plugin that will help you understand what it does.

  • Tutorials on video

Learn how to utilize the plugin by watching video tutorials.

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