Gladiator 2 Should Never See The Light of Day

Gladiator 2 Should Never See The Light of Day

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Despite Ridley Scott's assertions that a concrete sequel is in the works, Gladiator 2 in any form should be buried like Maximus' figurines.

Talk of a newly completed Gladiator sequel script has surfaced once again - but Gladiator 2 should never see the light of day. Original Gladiator director Ridley Scott seems dead set on reviving his great Roman drama, with the veteran filmmaker confirming via Empire Magazine that his attention will turn to a Gladiator sequel after his latest project, the Napoleon-based Kitbag, is completed. Yet a return to Maximus' (Russell Crowe) enduring legacy seems particularly bold given the original, standalone feature earned over $400 million worldwide and was nominated for 11 Oscars, winning Best Picture and Best Actor respectively in 2000, and seemingly ended on a definitive note.

The original Gladiator is a sublime piece of cinema that intricately weaves themes of revenge, honor, and political intrigue throughout its narrative, enrapturing a generation of post-Millenium audiences. Although Gladiator is often remembered for its gratuitous, largely historically accurate violence, the film is underscored by a reservoir of emotion as Maximus is finally reunited with his family in the golden fields of Elysium as the perfect coda to his arduous journey. Gladiator's cultural impact has since spanned far beyond cinema, with the film's mainstream success responsible for a marked increase in Roman and classical history in the early 2000s dubbed the "Gladiator Effect."

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Yet despite the pristine legacy of Gladiator to date, Ridley Scott is pushing forward with Gladiator 2 plans that could very well tarnish the original film's memory. While there is a current temptation within the contemporary culture to revive nostalgic franchises, there is simply no sequel idea that can surpass the perfect symmetry of the original Gladiator movie. Here's why Gladiator 2 should never see the light of day, as well as what Ridley Scott's ill-advised sequel might look like.

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