Discovery Season 5 Needs To Show The 32nd Century Enterprise

Discovery Season 5 Needs To Show The 32nd Century Enterprise

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Star Trek: Discovery has been in the 32nd century for over 2 seasons and it's time they showed the USS Enterprise, which we know exists in the future.

After two seasons in the 32nd century, Star Trek: Discovery season 5 needs to show that era's Starship Enterprise. Captain Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) embarks on a chase for the "greatest prize in the galaxy" in Star Trek: Discovery season 5. It heralds a welcome change of pace from the galactic threats of The Burn and the Dark Matter Anomaly in Discovery seasons 3 and 4. But along with a chance to further explore the galaxy, Star Trek: Discovery must reveal the 32nd century USS Enterprise.

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Star Trek: Discovery season 4 established that there is, indeed, an Enterprise in the distant future, along with the USS Voyager-J. During season 4's investigation into the DMA, Star Trek: Discovery noted that the Enterprise and Voyager worked together. The Enterprise is presumably still the flagship of the United Federation of Planets, and Discovery must not avoid showing it any longer. Further, the details of the Enterprise - which letter and generation it is, what class of starship, and who the Captain of the Enterprise is - should also be clarified. It would also be thrilling to see Captain Burnham's USS Discovery work together with the 32nd-century Enterprise the way it did with Captain Christopher Pike's (Anson Mount) 23rd-century Enterprise in Star Trek: Discovery season 2.

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