4 Good and Durable Washing Machine Brands for us to use

4 Good and Durable Washing Machine Brands for us to use

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There are many washing machine brands in Indonesia. However, there are several brands of washing machines that are good from the point of view of Indonesian consumers. Some of the brands below are most searched for on the Bhinneka website and the Bhinneka Store. Besides having the best quality, the price is also quite affordable.

Buying a washing machine from a well-known brand allows you to get a long-lasting product. Warranty claims are also easier because a hotline service is available. After sales services are also spread across many cities in Indonesia. If at any time there is damage can be dealt with quickly.

For those of you who are confused about choosing a good washing machine brand, here we provide recommendations.

1. Sharp
Sharp sells 3 types of washing machines, namely: Front Loading, Top Loading, and Twin Tub or 2 tubes. Washing machine capacity from 6 kg, 7 kg, 8 kg, up to 10 kg. Several series of Sharp washing machines include: Megamouth, Twin Tub, Boomerang, Dolphinwave, Full Auto, Quick Wash, Inverter and Hijab.

The Megamouth washing machine has a tube size and a wide lid opening, making it easier for you to put lots of dirty clothes in. Then the Twin Tub washing machine is the cheapest washing machine choice from Sharp.

Washing machines with Dolphinwave technology have a pulsator with a design similar to the tail fins and body of a dolphin. This design makes the water spin towards the pulsator so it doesn't damage the clothes. The Full Auto series is very easy to use. There are Quick Wash and Hijab features in several series to help wash clothes faster without damaging them.

2. Samsung 

 Samsung also sells 3 types of washing machines: Front Load, Top Load and Twin Tub (2 tubes). The Samsung washing machine has the excellent Eco Bubble feature. With this feature, you can wash effectively at low water temperatures. Eco Bubble can turn detergent into soap bubbles. The soap bubbles can get into the fabric fibers so they can remove stains 24% more effectively. This technology can also reduce electricity consumption by up to 70%. Eco Bubble keeps the color and texture of clothes long lasting, 45.5% better than regular washing methods. In addition, there is Wobble technology that can prevent clothes from getting tangled and entangled with each other when washing. Digital Inverter technology consumes 40% less electricity than ordinary washing machine motors. The warranty for washing machine motors can reach 11 years depending on the series. 

3. LG 

 LG is one of the best washing machine brands in Indonesia. Most LG washing machine products target the middle to upper consumer segment. Different from most washing machine brands, LG has 4 washing machine variants. More than the others. LG has washing machines with Front Loading, Top Loading, 2 Tube (Twin Tube) and TWINWash types. The TWINWash type washing machine is a revolutionary washing machine that combines Front Loading and Top Loading washing machines into one. At the top there is a Front Loading washing machine, below it is a Top Loading washing machine. The LG TWINWash washing machine can finish two types of laundry at the same time. The main washing machine at the top is for washing heavy clothes such as bed sheets, jackets, jeans and more. Whereas for the bottom washing machine for small clothes such as cloth, baby clothes, towels, and others, the washing machine below has a smaller capacity. 

 4. Polytron 

Polytron is a good local washing machine brand in Indonesia. Apart from being affordable, the features of the Polytron washing machine are also sophisticated. Polytron is headquartered in Kudus, Central Java. The types of Polytron washing machines that are sold are: 2 tubes, 1 tube, and front opening. The Polytron washing machine comes in 4 series options, namely: Primadona Samba Series (2 tubes), New Zeromatic (1 tube), Wonderwash (front opening), and Wonderwash 2 in 1. The Wonderwash 2 in 1 washing machine can emit hot steam up to 90 degrees Celsius so that clothes are cleaner from viruses, bacteria and germs. The Polytron washing machine is equipped with Zeropressure technology which can wash at low pressure water. There are also Easy to Operate and Mode Hijab which can wash effectively without damaging clothes. The Polytron 2 tube washing machine has Magic Gear technology which can produce maximum rotation with minimum electricity.
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